Roggan Gracie

Roggan Gracie

“Third Generation Legacy”

Roggan is a part of the third generation of fighters of the Gracie family. Grandson of Grand Master Carlos Gracie and son of Master Rilion Gracie, he was raised within a legacy that has been passed on from father to son for more than 100 years, adhering to the traditions of the family that created and spread Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

As his father, uncles, and cousins, Roggan began practicing Jiu Jitsu from a young age, and following the family’s footsteps began his professional career defending Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. In having his first professional fight in Europe, Roggan became the first Gracie to fight MMA there. In May 2013, in the Italian city of Lombardy, he debuted with a victory by unanimous decision. The following year, Roggan fought in the Impera FC event in Rome, winning his fight by submission in little more than the first minute of the first round.

From an early age, Roggan already followed his father Rilion’s daily routine of classes and assisted at the academy in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today, Roggan lives in Miami and teaches at Rilion Gracie HQ alongside his father.

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